Take curiosity with you everywhere you go, and you’ll never stop learning.

We sat down with the CEO of the Du Val Group Kenyon Clarke for a quick chat about the importance of staying curious.

Here’s what we learnt:
Take curiosity with you everywhere you go, and you’ll never stop learning

Kenyon “Charlotte has been aware for as long as we’ve been together that whenever I stay in a hotel or resort.

I pace out exactly how many square metres the rooms are, I walk through all of the amenity, and then generally there’s a spreadsheet kicked out.

I talk to the hotel managers, I work out their revenue model, I work out their food and beverage model. I just can’t help myself!

I think that level of curiosity is something that’s really helped me through my life, and certainly through my business career, which is just always to be curious. ALWAYS ask the questions!

And I think just taking the time out and away from your market, and then coming back in to it brings a whole lot of ideas with you.”


Are you carrying curiosity with you everywhere you go? If you’re looking for ways to grow your business or your career – curiosity is where that begins. Talk to the people around you, the service people, the business owners – take an interest in the things around you and expand your understanding!

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