Property investment is at the core of our offering. It’s where many of our team members began their success, and it is a mindset we prioritize in every project we develop.

We understand that each of our clients are at varying stages of their property investment journey. With this in mind, we start by providing education on how to build wealth over time through property.

We then work with you to create an investment strategy that is tailored to your individual aspirations.

To supplement this strategy, we can also connect you with a network of financial advisors and property experts to ensure you are supported at each stage of your investment journey.



When dealing with a developer, it pays to work alongside a company that is credible, at scale, and has a successful track record. Our work and activity in the property industry has been recognised by globally reputable research institutions such as CBRE. We pride ourselves on developing property from the viewpoint of investors. It is our position as active investors in our own developments that gives us an edge in our industry.

Transaction, Family
office and research

Our research and international experience indicates that there is a global flight to quality taking place. We recognise the increasing number of international investors seeking assets that stand the test of time. Not only are we committed to providing high-quality assets fit for this purpose, we also specialise in wealth management and the facilitation of transactions with institutions and family offices.

We pride ourselves on being ambassadors for New Zealand and it’s unique position as a diverse, rapidly evolving investment destination. Backed by years of proven success and market research from the world’s leading research institutions, we offer a pathway into New Zealand’s investment landscape that is second to none.


Du Val Portfolio Management

As a company made of investors, it is important to us that we maintain a high level of quality from the start of a p roject to post-completion. This is why we choose to professionally manage our properties and facilities through our-award winning property management division Du Val Portfolio Management (DPM).

From tenancies to maintenance, DPM ensure our developments look, operate and serve as high quality living spaces for the long term.

The benefit for our investors is that everything is simplified and relatively hands-off.


We are a full scale residential development company with an in-house, highly specialised commercial and operational team. Led by Kristen Holland, this team is responsible for overseeing our projects from start to post-completion. From land acquisitions and quantity surveying, to project management, our team of highly qualified professionals are able to oversee the production of our projects with acute precision and quality in sharp focus.


Du Val Clubs

We believe our developments should go beyond simply being places to live and should serve as integrated communities that benefit the lifestyles of the occupants.

It is with this concept in mind that we have created the Du Val Clubs brand. Our first club is located in our flagship, mixed-use apartment development Lakewood Plaza. Complete with a fully-equipped gym, spa, sauna and pool facilities, the club compliments an existing range of amenities in the area.

As we develop new communities, Du Val Clubs will become an integral part of each large format development, providing lifestyle and wellness options for residents and the wider community.


Sales &

We are a full scale developer with the ability to market and sell all our property. This gives us a clear advantage above our competitors, as it means we maintain a high level of quality throughout the entire development, purchase and management process. Our Sales team maintains a level of service and expertise unmatched in our industry, and we are incredible proud of this. From walking clients through the structuring of their finances, to walking them through our projects, our team journey with our clients at every step of the process.

To accompany the Sales team, our Marketing team work to understand our clients to craft our marketing in ways that best suit their property journey. It is our ability to capture relevant content in a timely manner and tell the stories of our success immediately, that sets us apart from any other developer. As we champion transparency and bring our clients to the forefront of our brand, it is these teams that enable this.