There’s a WORLD of investment strategies out there being sold by people who
1) don’t really understand property and
2) still aren’t wealthy

Some of these strategies include flipping or trading houses, others revolve around rigid savings plans where you store away your salary forever and never splurge.

Well, that doesn’t sound like fun at all. The truth is, you can’t save your way to wealth and you certainly won’t get there flipping old houses for hours of work and a $30k profit.

What you will need, is a long term strategy that is actually being used by successful people.

Our success as investors and developers has not come by chance (and we certainly wouldn’t leave it to that either). It’s the result of a commitment to a very straightforward investment strategy that we’ve refined and perfected after decades of investing and developing property. This month, we’re going to share it with you!


We’re beginning a brand new series of FREE events, that will actually change your life. It’s a comprehensive course in our very own property investment strategy, arranged in easy-to-digest one-night-per-week sessions over 4 weeks.

If you know that you need to do something to get ahead, but you’ve yet to find an investment strategy you can trust, sign up for our small classes and see our strategy for yourself. This is your opportunity to not only learn what our strategy is – but WHY we use it, and why it works for us and our clients.

Here’s just SOME of what we’ll be covering:

  • Our do’s and don’ts of investing
  • The fundamentals of capital gain
  • Structuring your financing to win
  • Managing debt

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