Get confident about Body Corporates and excited about apartment living

Don’t let confusion about Body Corporates get in the way of apartment living. Watch Wendy Baker from Strata Titles explain everything you need to know about Body Corporates, in our easy-to-understand series.

Apartment living and Body Corporates are all part in parcel of living in large cities around the world. New Zealanders on the other hand, are just only getting used to the idea of unit titles, and when it comes to Body Corporates there isn’t a large amount of knowledge around the topic. This is why we’re creating a video series with everything you need to know about Body Corporates.

It’s our goal to arm you with as much information as possible and one of the ways we’re able to do this is by engaging with our network of property experts.

We invited Wendy Baker from Strata Titles to the Du Val office to film a comprehensive guide to Body Corporates, so you can engage with your Body Corporate confidently.

From defining the purpose of a Body Corporate and understanding the roles within it, to knowing how it all works, Wendy will cover off everything you need to know to feel confident about living in an apartment or townhouse complex.

In the next couple of weeks you can look forward to some informative content on Body Corporates and be able to navigate your property ownership journey with confidence.

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We’ve chosen Strata Titles Administration to manage our Lakewood Plaza and Avenue Apartments Body Corporates. They’re leaders in the Body Corporate space and Wendy, who recently presented at both our Lakewood Plaza and Avenue Apartments events is an absolute expert.