The Du Val

Our mission is to support the economic growth of South Auckland by inspiring and enabling young people. Through academic support, financial literacy and the normalising of success stories in our community we aim to nurture a generation of young people to thrive.

As a newly established charity, we are currently working on a number of different programs to support our cause which we are excited to roll out over the next 18 months.


To make a start on our mission, we’ve partnered with a handful of primary schools within the South Auckland area to reach some of the most vulnerable families during what can be one of the most stressful times of the year: Christmas.

Inspired by our friends at My Father’s Barber who deliver an annual Christmas Haul in Christchurch, our team put together dozens of personalised Christmas hampers for underprivileged families in our community. Filled with presents for each child, grocery vouchers and a Christmas ham, the hampers are a pleasant surprise for many of our families.

Here’s what one of the Principals of
our partner schools had to say:

“David and I visited parents yesterday and they we just overwhelmed with the gifts from your team… there were many happy, happy tears and woophs!! Of delight ….

I need to pass on the parents thanks and they were heart felt, along with their many blessings and you all being in their prayers …..

It was very moving explaining how we nominated them and your team provided all the gifts. Just us thinking of them was appreciated. I have to say that I appreciated the opportunity to see first hand what this gift of kindness at this time of the year meant for families ….

Their eyes lit up and you could feel the mum’s in particular take a big breath like a weight had been lifted off their shoulders for a time… some even said they had never had a ham before what a treat!!!

Thank you again and I look forward to catching up in the new year – if you are thinking of doing the xmas thing again I would like to coordinate our end better and have members of your team come with us to the families so you can feel what we experienced yesterday ….

Warm regards and all our blessings to you and your team for the wonderful joy you have brought to so many of our school whanau.

Karen Mose”



If you would like to contribute to the Du Val Foundation, whether it be through services or through donations, we would love to hear from you!