Buying Off the Plan: FAQ’s

We know that purchasing a home can be a daunting process, and when it comes to buying off the plan, we wouldn’t be surprised if you were a little nervous.

We’ve put together a few things you should ask when buying off the plan, so you can make informed decisions and navigate your way to home ownership with confidence.

1. What developments have you built before?
The Du Val Group are a large-scale developer with multiple successful developments either already built, or currently under construction. If you’re familiar with the Manukau City skyline, you will have seen our flagship development Lakewood Plaza. The Lakewood Plaza is Auckland’s fastest selling apartment blocks in recent times and represents a prime example of the benefits of buying off the plan: capital gain. Some of the earliest buyers made capital gains of over $300,000 before construction had even been completed. Read more about the Lakewood Plaza.

As well as Manukau City Centre, our repertoire of projects (link to projects page on Corporate website) can be found in Papatoetoe, Māngere, Favona, Māngere Bridge and Mount Wellington. In each of these projects Du Val retain developers’ stock, because we are investors as well and keep a vested interest in our projects for the long term.

2. Will the apartments be large enough for me to be eligible for First Home Buyer government grants?
When it comes to financing your home, size does matter. Which is why all Du Val apartment and townhouse stock are built to a minimum of 50sqm (excluding outdoor areas).

We make sure our apartment and townhouses are designed this way making the lending process that much easier.

3. Where are Verge Apartments situated?
Verge Apartments are situated in a prime growth location on Hillside Road in Mount Wellington.

4. Why Mount Wellington?
Du Val only exclusively develop in areas we identify as growth locations. This growth can be characterised by infrastructure spend, population growth and rental demand. We’ve identified Mount Wellington as a suburb with plenty of these things.

Mount Wellington is a growing business district that employs over 100,000 people.

Over the last 10 years its residential population has grown by 13.5% (CBRE,2018) and is expected to be home to almost 25,000 residents by 2040.
Mount Wellington’s compound growth rate over the last ten years is 9.0% (CBRE, 2018).

The geographic positioning at the center of the Auckland isthmus makes Mount Wellington one of the city’s most well connected suburbs. With a State Highway 1 onramp and a main highway that features key transport hubs, Mount Wellington boasts plenty of amenity and transport links.

5. What makes the Du Val Group different from other developers in the area?
The great thing about purchasing with Du Val properties is not only do you become the proud owner of a brand new apartment or townhouse. You join a group of investors who are passionate about creating sound financial futures through property. Using our in-house financial advisor, we help people create a plan to achieve their financial goals through property investment.

We don’t believe in developing properties you can flick off after a couple of years. As the developer, we invest in all our projects alongside you. Because we believe in owning property in high growth areas, for the long term.


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